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SAP CPQ 2208 Release

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

We have attended the SAP CPQ 2208 Release briefing and I want to bring you the most noteworthy changes coming to your (current or future) SAP CPQ system. The releases are planned on the following dates:




Test environments


Productive environments

SAP variant configuration integration improvements

SAP Knowledge Base Diagnostics Developer Tool
SAP Knowledge Base Diagnostics Developer Tool

This new developer tool will make KB synchronization much more transparent and manageable. You can find feedback of the past jobs, error messages and number of items that have failed/succeeded. There is a separate tab to fetch payloads and the existing manual KB sync screen has been moved to this developer tool as well.

  • The provider page for the integration with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing has been redesigned.

  • The Deploy/Send Changes functionality can no longer be used with any products on environments integrated with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing. This might include products that do not use the external configuration and pricing!

CRM Integration improvements

A new toolset (CPQ APIs, scripts, events, UI customizations) has been made available to facilitate the integration with 3rd party CRM solutions.

SAp CPQ and CRM integration Tool Set

Quote 1.0 improvements

Improvements have been made to the DocuSign integration. The authenticating has been replaced with OAuth 2.0 JWT, the integration page has been redesigned and a new DocuSign API is introduced.

Quote 2.0 improvements

Solution Design: You can now print items along with sections in Generate Documents. This existing Quote 2.0 feature allows sorting of quote items in sections in the quote item list.

SAP CPQ Approval Reminder
SAP CPQ Approval Reminder
SAP CPQ Parallel Work
SAP CPQ Parallel Work

API improvements

  • A new "External Configurator" endpoint is introduced to allow opening a new or existing configuration of a quote item without having to open the quote first. Example URL: https://{installationUrl}/configurator/edit?quoteId={quoteId}&itemId={itemId}&configurationId={configurationId}

  • A set of new APIs has been introduced for different setup settings. For example, with the Workflow API you can update workflow actions in bulk or update only actions of a concrete combination of start/end Status.

  • New API's: Workflow, Statuses, Notifications, States, Countries, Margin Health Indicators (Actions API will come later)

​​​​​​​Scripting improvements

  • Quote 2.0 can now use the functions/properties MainItem.GetChildItems(), Item.MoveUp(), Item.MoveDown(), Item.SelectedAttributes, MainItem.HasCompleteConfiguration.

  • ​​​​​​​Quote 2.0: a new customField method has been exposed to get quote item custom fields.

General improvements

The list of generated documents now shows the originating template name

Breaking changes - as of 2208

  • DocuSign integration will not work upon release 2208 until the new settings are configured.

  • CSRF token is now required for some existing API endpoints. After the 2208 release you will need to include the CSRF token in the custom header X-CSRF-Token. Consult the release notes for the full list of affected endpoints.

Breaking changes - future

If, after the SAP CPQ 2208 release, a warning message appears on the Setup > General > Countries/Regions page, it means there are non-unique 2 letter abbreviations in your system that need to be replaced before the 2302 release.

  • Custom Tables API: In release 2302, endpoints /api/customtable/v1/customTables/{tableName}/entries/paged and {...}/entries will be merged to {...}/entries. The paged endpoint will be deprecated, but the functionality of the paged entries will be used for the merged endpoint.

  • Quote 2.0: In the first quarter of 2023, the Customers feature will be obsolete and replaced by the Business Partners feature.


Need help implementing or fine-tuning your SAP CPQ system? Let us know!

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