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Who are we?

Based in Mechelen and established in 2010, we have been helping business of all sizes to remain competitive in an ever-changing environment.

We have built an expert team of consultants with more than 200 years of collective experience.
Our knowledge in business and technology gives your company the cutting-edge solution and strategy to remain first in class.

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Our proven way of working ensures that any development and deployment will go smoothly with a guaranty for success. Our customer support will make sure that everything remains running issue-free.

- Big enough to cure, small enough to care -

As a company we carry our BIG FOUR core values, wherever we go.

Our core values

Bridging business and technology

All too often, we are witnesses of a project and business environment where it all tends to go wrong. We know that a disconnect between Business and IT lies at the base of this. Both speak a different language and there is a mistrust of the tools and technologies implemented.

CANGURU specializes in acting as the interpreter between the two. Together with you, we clarify all the needs and pain points, create a constructive atmosphere, have a solid action plan and, subsequently, a successful implementation of your project. It does not solely revolve around the tools and technology, but it's also about understanding and speaking the same language, your language, that is where the success lies.


CANGURU is committed to innovation with a focus on supporting companies and their business processes, not innovation for the sake of innovation. CANGURU investigates where innovation can be used optimally, where it's able to bring new insights, support companies and relieve the burden of daily activities and processes.

CANGURU does not limit itself to innovating in tools or technologies but has an eye for innovative ideas and methods. CANGURU also uses the same drive for improvement in their internal workings.


This is how CANGURU distinguishes itself from traditional business operation, by working in accordance to sociocracy and using an agile approach in all processes and projects.

Front Runner

CANGURU strives to be a front runner in all areas in which we operate. We achieve this by closely monitoring and supporting both the market and the technological developments of systems and tools available. This, combined with our can-do attitude and out-of-the-box thinking, makes us the guide to supporting your business. With us you are able to develop a next-level business environment, that arms itself with the best and most optimized processes and systems.

Deliver above expectations

We understand the prejudice against projects going over budget and failing to meet deadlines. We don’t let this happen. 


With CANGURU as your partner, you get more than just a classical consultancy and a successful delivery of your project. We will make sure that you are supported through every step of the way.

CANGURU will do everything in its power to deliver on time and according the
foreseen budget.


No surprises. 

We strive to provide their customers with the best systems available and that is why we are dedicated to SAP's portfolio of industry-leading solutions. As one of the SAP leaders in Belgium, CANGURU Solutions has extensive experience – functional & technical – to help you implement world-class solutions catered to your business needs.

Apart from a highly motivating and attractive working environment, we take our responsibility towards social groups as well. We believe everyone should have the right and chance to grow. We want to make a positive difference in our community.

Social responsibility is close at heart for CANGURU. We aim to support diverse organizations. We do this by working with local partners and support the active involvement of our Jumpers at social events.

Take a look at our social responsibility journey and read about it in our blog here.

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