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SAP CPQ 2211 Release

With every release, we look though the list of new functionalities and pick our favourites to share with you. As always, we are eager to provide you more information and help you get the most out of your CPQ system.

Here are our top functionalities included in this release!

Integration Improvements

Variant Configuration Integration Improvements

Variant configuration is used for manufacturing complex products. The manufacturer is always having to offer new variants of its products as the customer is able to determine the features of the product. A customer buying a car, for example, can choose the features of the car and combine these features as desired.

The product configurator improves information exchange between sales, engineering and production. Variant configuration helps the customer or sales person to put together specifications for the product and ensure that the product can be produced from these specifications.

  • Pricing attributes can be evaluated as multiple values, which permits the system to send more than one result of the formula evaluation to the back end.

SAP CPQ Pricing
  • Manually added attributes to a synchronized product are preserved even after synchronizing any new changes from SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing.

  • New Variant Configuration and Pricing REST API available to externally manage the integration between SAP CPQ and SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing.

  • Performance improvement for knowledge base synchronization in scenarios where the same product appears many times in different knowledge bases.

Performance Improvements for Advanced Variant Configurator Integration

It is possible to filter options in the API calls between SAP CPQ and AVC (Advanced Variant Configurator) which makes it possible to request specific configuration data instead of returning all possible attribute value combinations, improving the integration.

This improvement is only possible when the characteristics/attributes of a product are not moved to another tab in SAP CPQ. Other layout customizations are allowed.

SAP CPQ intergation to SAP Advance Variant Configurator

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Integration using Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) for SAP CPQ Quote 2.0

The SAP S/4HANA lead-to-cash process has been further expanded with efficient contract lifecycle management. Using Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) for SAP CPQ Quote 2.0, clients benefit from greater process efficiencies through accelerated contract turnaround times.

SAP CPQ and Contract Lifecycle Management

Improvements to Custom CRM Integrations Toolset

The toolset for developing Custom CRM integrations had been improved.

A new landing page has been developed by SAP.

SAP CPQ integration with CRM

Salesforce Integration

The integration with Salesforce is out-dated but will be available for use until June 2023.

Customers using the current integration will need to migrate to the new partner-based integration.

Other Integration Improvements

  1. An “Integration Change Quote Status” action is introduced and should be used in the quote-to-order process integration flows in the integration of SAP CPQ with SAP S/4HANA.

  2. Two new CTX tags are available with SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management integration (BRIM)

  3. Pre-actions and post-actions assigned to the Copy Quote action are executed when the CPQ quote is copied from SAP Cloud for Customer (only for Quote 1.0)

  4. The CX AI Integration API is extended with endpoints to enable or disable the integration.

  5. Possible to determine if the authentication settings are valid in the DocuSign Integration

  6. Improved logging for enabling or disabling E-sign (DocuSign/AdobeSign) integrations

Quote 2.0 Improvements

Create Solution Design from Scripting

It is possible to build a Solution Design structure and group products in sections using scripting.

SAP CPQ Quote 2.0 solution design

Margin Health Improvements

Margin Health is added on Product Type and Item Total level.

SAP CPQ Product Margin health

Customer Quote Acceptance

When a customer opens the proposal url, they are able to propose changes or to accept/reject a quote proposal.

SAP CPQ Customer Quote Acceptance

When this quote is sent back to CPQ, the quote is updated with a changed status and captured comments

SAP CPQ Quote Acceptance

Other Quote 2.0 Improvements

  1. Method AddItem() accepts the system ID of the product as the argument

  2. CTX Tag ExecuteScript can be used to execute a specific Iron Python script.

  3. Master revision name and description are translated.

  4. Quotes are now only visible to users with the appropriate permissions set in the quote visibility section of setup

General Improvements

  1. Filter attributes using their system id is enabled.

  2. Possible to view if an attribute is synchronized from the back end.

  3. Columns and sections are translated in the quote layout page

  4. Quote Item Custom Fields are translated in the send/deploy page.

  5. Possible to view the access rights of users as an administrator

Breaking Changes

  1. New Actions API replaces current Custom Actions API

  2. Event OnTabChanged can not be triggered anymore for Variant Configuration products in the Responder.

  3. SSO encryption changed to used AES algorithm

  4. Customers objects is obsolete in Quote 2.0 and replaced by Business Partners

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