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SAP Sales Cloud 2211 Release

As SAP has released the 2211 update of the SAP Sales Cloud, we went over the new functionalities to find our top four to share with you. Even if you are not yet using SAP Sales Cloud, we are sure these new features might pique your interest.

Maintain labels in add-ons

SAP Sales Cloud is a platform with a couple of add-ons. These add-ons provide your solution with new functionalities and benefits, but they are not necessarily needed to use the system to its, already extensive, capabilities. Until now, the fields inside the add-on solutions had a fixed label, meaning a field, for example territory, remained territory even if your salespeople use "Sales Area" to differentiate each area of sales.

As of 2211, you can rename the label to show other text, making the system more personal to your sales processes.

Ticket recipient determination

SAP Service Cloud, a part of the whole SAP setup, uses a ticketing process to capture issues, questions or service requests from customers. Each of these tickets has a couple of people involved who are linked to it. Inside SAP Service Cloud, you can determine the primary members of the team, for example the service technician and the service rep.

You also might add the Sales Manager and the backoffice service planner.

In the past, you only had the possibility to notify the primary members of changes made to the ticket. As of 2211, you can notify the full team, accelerating the flow of information.

Dynamic Visit Planning multi day planning

The dynamic visit planning add-on provides your sales team with the ability to plan their customer visits dynamically. This keeps factors like account type, visit hours, perfect store scoring and others in mind to recommend and even plan out the visits over the day, as well as using historical traffic data as a parameter.

With the 2211 update, sales reps can now plan out multiple days at once, speeding up the time needed to plan out the week.

Intelligent Sales upgrades

There are a couple of added functionalities that are added to the Intelligent Sales add-on. This add-on uses machine learning and predefined sales processes to aid the sales rep in the full sales process, improving the chance of success by providing recommended actions for the sales rep to take.

With the 2211 update, a couple of added features are:

  • The engagement timeline (a historical overview of the interactions with the customer) now shows the visits made.

  • S/4HANA Sales Order data is now included in the Customer Insights Machine Learning Data model.

  • The guided selling is now added on the opportunities screen reducing the number of clicks and navigation by the sales reps.

Next Steps

Although we only elaborated on four key features of this update, there are numerous other improvements that came with the 2211. If you are interested in finding out, give us a call. We'd love to provide more information or even assist you in implementing, integrating, or improving your current solution.

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