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CANGURU Jumpstart Academy Presents: Our Jumpstarters

4 weeks ago, we kicked-off of our first Jumpstart Academy. We asked the Jumpstarters how they ended up with CANGURU and how it's been so far.


I am an ambitious person who is always looking for opportunities.

At this stage of my professional career, I was definitely open to a challenge. The Jumpstart Academy is perfect for this.

I get an extensive training within SAP C4C & CPQ in 6 weeks time. Besides that, I also get to know the tricks of the profession thanks to all the colleagues who share their experience one by one and make me feel really at home after just a few weeks. Therefore, the Jumpstart Academy does not really feel like a training as you know it at school, also because of the exercises and internal projects that I can already participate in.

Projects in which I can develop myself is what I am looking forward to most at CANGURU.

As a functional consultant, I’ve already learned to be a host! People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!


I ended up at CANGURU while following a SAP training course from VDAB/Cevora (analyst-developer SAP). This was a great opportunity for me after a bumpy study track to start in a direction I was passionate about. CANGURU was present at the online Meet & Greet and the conversations started from there. What appealed to me about CANGURU was the innovative mindset and the space for personal growth.

Immediately after starting, I felt welcome and involved in the company. I also had the chance to play a small part in an ongoing project in anticipation of the Jumpstart Academy, which was ideal for learning.

The Jumpstart Academy (JSA) itself is a training course, but you are a real employee. You will gain more insight into the broader SAP landscape and also specifically into the technologies that CANGURU focuses on, namely C4C and CPQ. The lessons are given by colleagues who are experts in their field and who can therefore always provide relevant examples. You also make contacts within the company.

This way you will be better prepared to participate in a project after completing the JSA and you already have a better idea about what you want to do yourself. For example, what appeals to me is the technical aspect of SAP CPQ.


At 35, I am the oldest participant in the first Jumpstart Academy at CANGURU. It was a new chapter in my career when I stepped in here on Monday, July 12 in the morning.

I have a study background in LO and Human Movement Sciences and I have worked for the past 12 years in the construction sector, banking sector and in retail. But somehow I kept feeling hungry. I found that I was most interested in the business processes at the employers where I worked and other companies I knew. That is why I also started a Postgraduate course in Business Administration a little over a year ago, to support my experience on an academic level as well.

I was looking for a challenging job, in a dynamic company, where growth and innovation were central. A healthy dose of fun would of course be a plus. After some searching and some conversations with people from my network, I concluded that SAP consulting would be the ideal challenge for me.

But would I find a company where I would have the opportunity to learn on-the-job how to work with SAP and where I could help companies innovate and optimize their software?

At some point during my search, I got on the phone with Wout from CANGURU. Wout (from HR) took the time to listen to my story and tell about CANGURU's activities. After a thorough but pleasant selection procedure, in which colleagues Nicky (HR) and Geert (Managing Partner) also took the time for an interview, I turned out to be at the right place!

Fast-forward to August 13, 5 weeks after my start at CANGURU, I completed a large part of the Jumpstart Academy together with 3 other starting colleagues. For me, the alternation between theory, business exercises and group exercises was an ideal combination to immerse yourself in the world of SAP. It is a goal-oriented process, in which you are prepared as quickly as possible to be deployed on a project. This means that on the one hand you get a general overview of many parts of SAP, and on the other hand you receive a thorough training of the parts with which you will work first. The sessions are given by different consultants, so you quickly get to know many colleagues and also experience the fun part of working at CANGURU. Because it turns out there is! 😊

Am I already an expert in SAP? Certainly not, there is still a lot to learn!! And that's what makes it exciting. On the other hand, we also gain the confidence of both colleagues and management that we will have the opportunity to grow in our position and can count on the support of colleagues.

Am I glad I applied for the Jumpstart Academy? For sure, I've been driving to the office in Mechelen with a smile on my face for 5 weeks! (The office, by the way, will soon be completely renovated into a beautiful new workplace.)

Within a few weeks, I will have completed the entire Jumpstart Academy and will be assigned to a first project. Curious which one that will be, because we are working on various exciting projects here, both in Belgium and internationally.

In the meantime I finally got what I wanted: a challenge, in a dynamic company, where growth and innovation are central, with a good portion of fun.

Isn't that a great new chapter in my career! 😊

Are you looking for a career switch, or are you recently graduated and looking for a first job? Be sure to check out our Jumpstart Academy page for more info.

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