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SAP Sales Cloud 2202 update

As of February 19th, all SAP Sales Cloud productive systems will receive the 2202 update and we have taken the time to get to know the new functionalities. Here are the ones we think bring the biggest improvement or added benefit to your business processes

Microsoft teams integration

SAP has been moving into the Microsoft Teams ecosystem to bring collaboration to the SAP Sales Cloud. A couple of extra innovations are coming to the Microsoft Teams integration for SAP Sales Cloud.

Share workspace

The name basically gives it away already. The share workspace allows business users to share

any working area of C4C (Cloud for Customer/Sales Cloud) with a team, resulting in seamless collaboration across multiple teams as needed. The share workspace can be created from within C4C or (of course) Teams (in the C4C integration). Regarding authorizations, the share workspace feature will respect the already set up authorizations out of the box. So you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Deal Room

Actually not that different to the shared workspace only the deal room is focused on high value opportunities, giving the users the possibility to gather the A-team to seal that deal! Plus, an external audience can be added to help.

Outbound Call Support

Instead of using the CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) you can set Teams as the preferred business communicator.

Intelligent Sales Add-On

This one is an add-on on top of your Sales and Service Core. It allows your SAP Sales cloud to become even more powerful in providing your business the needed information and insights to grow and flourish.

Customer Insights

From within C4C, sales reps can immediately access the S/4HANA customer 360 view, allowing them to get insights on returns, orders, credit memos, open quotations and more. Meaning they don't have to gather this information manually and empowering the sales rep to make the best decision possible.

Quick view contact details

From the customer insights tab the user can quickly see contact details from the quick view. This gives them the necessary details at their fingertips without navigating to the contact details and needing to leave the current screen. Seems like a small one, but we are sure this will improve the efficiency even further.

Honourable mentions

We don't want to leave out the following innovations as they are also worth a brief mention:

  • With your SAP S/4HANA integration, you can now view the plant-based stock availability of your products in the product master details. This is also visible from Sales Quotes, Orders and Opportunities.

  • You can search a specific area around a map to view accounts within a specific radius using the Search Map Area button.

  • Enhancements to enable multiple delivery dates for a single sales quote item is available as of this release.

Next steps

Need more info on the added functionalities or want to upgrade/setup a SAP cloud for customer/Sales cloud system? Give us a call!

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