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SAP Sales Cloud 2111 release

SAP has shown us their latest Sales Cloud release 2111 en we are excited to bring your top 5 favorite functionalities and innovations. The release comes to your system on November the 13th. As we mentioned in our 2108 release briefing, SAP is working with Add-ons to the SAP Sales and Service Cloud. Some of the functionalities are embedded in these addons.

Guided Selling

Let us start with our number 1 favorite: Guided Selling

Coming out of beta and will be generally available with the new release, guided selling allow you to set up a playbook for your sales process. Which in turn give your sales people the right tools at the right moment in the sales process.

Sap Sales cloud guided selling

As shown in the screenshot above, the system provides recommendations of tasks the sales rep can perform to accelerate the deal.

E2E Customer Service to Field Service

With the new update comes a new End-to-End (E2E) integration from SAP service cloud, over SAP S/4HANA to SAP Field Service Management (FSM)

SAP end to end integration with field service management

This "native" integration your service desk is seamlessly integrated with the backoffice and in turn with the service engineers on the road. Allowing you to provide the best service to your customers.

overview objects integrating between sap service cloud and SAP Field service management

Machine learning actionable insights

With Machine learning being all the buzz, SAP has brought this new technology to their Sales Cloud environment with actionable insights. In short, the system will analyse the notes a user makes on an opportunity, lead, or quote, and recommends the user to create appointments or visits.

Machine learning actionable insights view

Dynamic Visit Planning: Plan My Day

In the dynamic visit planning add-on released with 2108, a user can ask the system to plan their day. SAP Sales Cloud will create visit proposals based on priority, of the account, and geo-proximity. Thus minimizing the time on the road and maximizing the efficiency of the Sales Rep.

A short demo:

Relationship Intelligence

Knowing the relationships between you or your team and your accounts is valuable information when interacting with them. With the relationship intelligence, SAP Sales Cloud leverages the advantage of the email server integration to find those valuable relationships.

SAP relationship intelligence schematic overview

Each relationship recieves a "Hug rank": the higher the rank, the stronger the relationship is.

Relationship intelligence inside SAP Sales Cloud

How we can Help

There are many more innovations and functionalities that will come with this release. If you want to know more and how to implement them, please contact us!

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