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SAP Customer experience - 2102 update

With the new SAP 2102 release pushed we want to highlight the added functionalities that have arrived in your system! Our experts have picked the most relevant for you.

SAP Sales Cloud

Relationship Intelligence

Within the modernization of the SAP applications, SAP has released Relationship Intelligence as an add-on for SAP Sales Cloud.

Relationship intelligence is a new functionality for SAP Sales Cloud that allows you to see a more complete picture of how you (and your colleagues) are related to existing customers. This overview gives you the ability to provide a warm welcome or fully prepare your meeting with a customer.

In turn it also provides a measurement of the relationship strength, for example between a colleague and a lead.

SAP C4C relationship intelligence
SAP C4C relationship intelligence overview

Relationship Intelligence looks at your company’s email server (only header data) and sees what the interactions were/are with your customers. Based on these interactions a ‘HugRank’ is calculated on the account/contact. The 'HugRank' is based on how good the quality of the communication is between your organization and the contact.

SAP C4C overview relationship timeline
Overview relationship timeline

For data privacy only the header data ( i.e. the sender, recipients

and timestamp) of the mails and appointments are used.

What is Hugrank?

SAP Intelligent Sales Execution (Datahug) HugRank is a measure of the overall strength of a relationship with a company or contact.

Some factors used to calculate HugRank are:

- the frequency of email interactions by type (to/from/cc)

- the rate of replying to emails from the contact

- the date of the last recorded interaction with the company

- the length of the relationship with the company


Web2Lead Qualtrics integration

Qualtrix UI SAP C4C Web2Lead setup
Qualtrix UI SAP C4C Web2Lead

Following the acquisition of Qualtrics by SAP, it has now been made much easier to setup an integration between the two platforms. With only a few clicks, a Web2Lead integration can be set up in the Qualtrics UI. This way leads are automatically created from your Qualtrics webform/survey.


Actionable insights

Based on the notes you add on an opportunity, SAP Sales cloud will suggest next steps/actions to you. For example, see appointment recommendations in the recommendation panel based on notes text e.g. Let’s meet on 10th Oct at 1:00 PM would recommend an appointment for 10th Oct.

Note that this functionality is in beta, so it will need to be requested with SAP via an incident.

SAP C4C Actionable Insights
SAP C4C Actionable Insights opportunity view

Sales Quote

Integration with multiple CPQ tenants

You can now setup integration towards multiple CPQ tenants. This way different sales department can use their own CPQ (if that is your company's setup).

SAP C4C CPQ multiple tenants integration setup
SAP C4C CPQ integration setup

Activity management

Recurring appointments

Coming from a request in the community, the outlook integration to C4C now supports recurring (daily/weekly and monthly) appointments. And this up to 6 months in the future. In C4C the appointment will be created with a reference to the parent appointment. There is a limit on occurrences synchronized to C4C: The current limits for Daily/Weekly frequency is 2 months and for Monthly frequency is 6 months.

SAP C4C Outlook integration recurring appointments
SAP C4C Outlook integration recurring appointments

Platform and integration

New UI theme

A new visual theme is now generally available for C4C. The added benefits of this new theme are:

  • Full collapsed option for navigation menu

  • More space for workspace

  • Open navigation menu only when required

  • Collapsed automatically when you click on navigation menu item

  • Option to keep navigation menu expanded via company setting “Disable Auto Collapse Menu”.

  • Company setting is visible only for Saphira theme

SAP C4C Saphira theme home page
SAP C4C Saphira theme home page

There are many more added benefits to the new 2102 release, to many to list here. If you want more information about them, you can find them on the SAP help portal.

If you want to hear more from our experts or want to know how we can improve your business please contact us for a chat.

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