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Our take of the SAP Sales Cloud 2108 release

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

With the new release of SAP Sales Cloud live, we dived into the new functionalities and we want to share our top 5 with you. We are certain these added functionalities will give your business its extra push!

Microsoft Teams integration

This is a big one. With remote working becoming the norm rather that the exception, virtual meeting are taking the main stage in Sales and Services. Microsoft Teams is a big player as it comes standard with MS Office.

Now you can integrate SAP Sales Cloud with MS Teams. Allowing you to lookup and edit necessary customer/opportunity/product/... information during your calls.

Want to see it in action?

Embedded SAC integration

Coming out of its BETA phase, the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) integration with SAP Sales Cloud is now generally available. This allows your Sales Cloud users to view SAC dashboards and reports, without changing platforms. With the Live Connection between both it brings advanced analytic features, to SAP Sales Cloud.

Analytics SAC integration embedded

Dynamic Visit Planning

We understand the hassle it is to plan out your visits of the day while thinking about potential traffic jams and account priority. Now with the Dynamic Visit Planning, SAP Sales Cloud will help you plan your day. Based on a priority list generated by the system, based on visit coverage, perfect store score or other attributes, your sales reps will visit those important customers in time. The planner will also optimize the route based on historic traffic data, reducing your reps time in traffic.

Guided Selling (BETA)

Even though it is still in BETA we do want to mention it in our top 5. This functionality allows you to setup a selling playbook that allows the sales rep to focus on the customer instead of the process. During the opportunity's lifecycle the system will guide the user through your proven selling method. All within one UI the provides all the necessary information.

New agent desktop experience

For the Service cloud there is a new service agent desktop experience. This new UI combines all the related information into one window. Eliminating the need to navigate to other objects.

The added CTI, Chat and SMS integration allows the agent to communicate with the customer from within SAP Service Cloud.

Honorable mentions

  • New Global Search (BETA): Search engine that looks through the whole SAP Sales Cloud to find everything related to your search term.

  • Opportunity status progress based on assigned activities: the progress of an opportunity will stay on track if any activity is assigned to it.

  • Dynamic font colors using rules: give a field more visibility with color that your dynamically assign using rules

  • CPQ 2.0 Integration: no worries, we will dive into this one in more detail later!

How we can help

Interested in more detailed information on these functionalities or the other form this release? Don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you.

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