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SAP CPQ: A beginners guide

What’s the importance of SAP CPQ for your company? Throughout this blogpost you will learn what SAP CPQ is about, what possibilities are uncovered through the technology, and how it makes buying your goods or services as easy as possible. We gathered this information over the last 5 years while performing numerous CPQ projects and we learned that each of the three letters in the acronym CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) has its own importance in any project.

Sell faster with intuitive guided selling (Configure)

SAP CPQ simplifies complexity. Many companies, even those with the most intricate and diverse product configurations, depend on SAP CPQ to quickly generate accurate quotes.

SAP CPQ Configure

Empower sales managers with an accurate pricing & automated approval process (Pricing)

The system supports sales reps through the pricing process, ensuring that the right product and price are being quoted. It also allows sales reps to see which cross- or up-sell price options should be suggested to the client. It sets guardrails to protect margins and automate the approval process throughout negotiations, and quickly uncovers performance data insights through intuitive reporting tools, helping you to make better business decisions.


Generate professional proposals in seconds (Quote)

Create efficiently high-quality proposal documents based on approved templates, content files, and pricing rules with an intelligent and robust document generator.


We know that implementing a new piece of software or system can be challenging. We hate to see you struggle with setting up your new SAP CPQ. So reach out to us, and we will get your CPQ project going and it will successfully implemented!

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