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SAP CPQ 2205 Release is here

SAP has presented the upcoming features in the next release (2205) of their CPQ product. Our experts have gone through the documentation and gathered the most interesting and noteworthy updates.

New CX AI integration

The new approach for integrating with CX AI is more incorporated into the core of CPQ which provides more administrative flexibility and a more clear and visually indicated flow for the end users.

The CX AI integration can improve the chance to win quotes with its price recommendations for simple products.

This integration is available without any implementation work, but, for the AI to work, some requirements need to be met e.g. 6 months of transactional data.

SAP variant configuration integration improvements

1. Possible to resynchronize pricing procedure

resynchronize pricing procedure

2. Only pre-configured fields will trigger the pricing attribute determination which, in turn, improves the performance of managing variant configuration items on the quote

SAP CPQ pricing schematic

3. Improved management of synchronized product versions enables the control of the version that appears in the catalogue in an easier and more efficient way

4. Possible to determine when the synchronization of knowledge bases must be executed

SAP CPQ knowledge base syncronization

5. Performance improvements in the synchronization of knowledge bases

Cloud for customer Integration improvement

Create a quote in SAP Cloud for Customer on behalf of other users, as the quote owner is not required to be same as the logged in user.

Quote 2.0 improvements

The redesigned margin health feature in quote 2.0 tenants provides a tool for sales representatives to get a visual indication of whether their profit margin is within the healthy limits (green, yellow or red indication) This provides an easy way for sales representative to discount the item while protecting the margin for the item. It’s also a nice way for new sales representatives to understand what is a “normal” discount level for any product.

Business Partner improvements

1. Business partners permission rules must be created to define which business partners will be visible to which permission groups.

2. Users can find business partners much easier and faster using the standard business partner properties as search criteria.

API improvements

Using the new pricebook endpoint, it is now possible to insert/update multiple pricebook entries at once instead of making an api call for each entry separately.

Scripting improvements

Messages will now be visible on all quote tabs instead of only on the quotation tab, as was the case in the past. This way, a user can be shown a message for a specific scenario in the tab where the user is working at that specific moment.

Security improvements

In order to comply with the regional data retention laws of the quote owner’s country, it is now possible to delete quotes by status and user’s company.

General improvements

  • Administrators have the possibility to grant proxy access to the SAP CPQ support team in the name of other users with the option to add the ticket number for which access is required.

  • The view prices options in the pricing tab of product administration now opens an overview of all the prices available for the respective products including the dates when each price is effective.

  • The performance is improved when searching on the exact product part number for promotions.

CANGURU as the preferred SAP CPQ partner

Interested in how these updates will fit into your CPQ implementation? Contact us, we are eager to help you!

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