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Jumper in the spotlight – Ruben Ryckeghem

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Ruben Ryckeghem jumper in the spotlight

This month we want to turn the spotlight on Ruben. Ruben is jumping around in our offices (or behind his computer due to teleworking) since September 2019. He studied multimedia and communication technology (MulTec) at the Erasmus University College Brussels, majoring in App & Web. In this specialization, the focus was mainly on programming websites and applications. During his studies, he also had to do an internship. And yes, it was a Canguru internship. After his internship, he decided to stay with us. Not only is he an expert in CPQ, he also loves to learn and do sports. He’s a real team player, or should we say team-jumper.

During his internship, Ruben made an AR-project in Unity with an integration to SAP CPQ. People could place a gazebo in their garden using AR, customize it to their own taste and save it. The integration would take care of transferring the configuration to CPQ, ensuring no mistake was made when ordering the personalized gazebo.

Ruben’s interest in the world of SAP was sparked and immersed himself in the SAP CPQ solution. Learning the ins and outs of the solution and business processes, as well as scripting in python were his first challenges.

He started with a POC (proof of concept) as a first project to help enhance the customers' user experience when deciding online about changes to the front façade of their home.

Today Ruben is involved in several CPQ projects where he oversees bug fixing and implementing change requests. His broad interest and knowledge of different programming languages and technologies make him an ideal team member at every stage of a project.

His advice for you

Be open for what comes on your path. If he had stayed within the limits of his education, he wouldn’t have discovered the possibilities within SAP technologies.

Why should someone choose for Canguru according to Ruben?

As a customer you can be sure that Canguru invests in its employees. Canguru is focused on motivating their jumpers and ensuring they are eager to deliver above expectations. This immediately transfers to successful projects.

Why does Ruben like to work for Canguru?

Because it is not a company where you feel like a number. The typical "hierarchy system" is totally absent within Canguru.

They listen carefully to their employees, what they like, dislike and what their goals are. Based on this, Canguru will ensure to offer projects which suit the employees best. Next to that the atmosphere and colleagues are top!

Would you like to become a Jumper as well? Just visit our career page here and apply.

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