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Jumper in the Spotlight - Osama

Who am I?

My name is Osama Albasha. I finished my Professional Bachelor in banking and commerce from the Trading and Banking Institute in Aleppo, Syria, which focused on the business processes and accounting in banking and insurance companies. Furthermore, I started learning the SAP integration suite and the SAP intelligent robotic process automation. I would describe myself as ambitious and driven, I thrive on challenges and constantly set higher goals for myself. This way I always have something to strive towards. I am not comfortable settling, and I’m always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.

What I do

Currently, I am working at Atlas Copco as part of their C4C support team. In general, I am mainly active in the Customer Experience solutions from SAP (Cloud for Customer), which is used to manage all the operations related to the sales, service and marketing teams, starting from lead to the opportunity and then on to the quote and the sales order, as well as the marketing process and service process in SAP Cloud for Customer.

I help the clients with implementing CX solutions, using the know-how, creativity and analytical powers to enable the clients to make the best business case for SAP C4C (Sales & Service), as well as doing the fit-gap analysis of business requirements related to sales and service areas. I also help the clients after go-live, creating training material for the users in order to help them in their daily operations and building measurement reports and dashboards.

My main strengths as a consultant

My biggest strengths as a consultant are that I am well-organized, a good communicator, service-oriented, overall a team player, able to motivate people, inquisitive and eager to learn.

About my first project

The first project I was part of was back in 2015 in Saudi Arabia. The project goal was to increase the efficiency of the service team by moving their daily jobs onto the Cloud for Service solution. We built a complete end-to-end service cycle, starting from the live call-centre integrated with C4C, to service tickets and service orders and, finally, measuring customer satisfaction by using the built-in survey functionality in C4C. All the service team operations were done on the C4C mobile application. This project was awarded the Gold Winner 2015 of the SAP MENA Quality Awards.

My favourite types of projects

My favourite projects are full process SAP CX projects (C/4Hana), starting from lead-to-cash. I am always looking forward to seeing the use of new SAP technologies and how those can be integrated with CX solutions, for example, SAP intelligent robotic process automation and SAP Conversational AI.

How I joined Canguru

I joined Canguru back in February 2020. I found Canguru through a job fair at VDAB, where I had a chance to meet their HR partner. Initially, I started working here with an IBO contract, after which I got permanent job contract.

Why Canguru?

I like that Canguru has a wide and knowledgeable team in different business roles, whose expertise covers topics like change management, Core system (S/4Hana), CX Solutions, Data Analysis and more. Here, at Canguru you really have the feeling that you are a part of this organization and not just an employee, you are always aware of and involved in all changes and decisions. There are always interesting projects going on, and we have a lot of fun time doing the team activities organized by our team Funguru.


Are you also interested in becoming a part of team Canguru? Find our vacancies on our career page!

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