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Jumper in the spotlight - Jorrit

Jorrit Jumper in The Spotlight

What did you study?

In secondary school I graduated in Computer Science Management at the Sint-Ursula Institute in Lier. After that I continued my studies in Applied Informatics with Application Development as a specialization at Karel De Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp.

How did you end up at CANGURU?

After my studies, 5 years ago, I immediately started applying for jobs, including at CANGURU. They appealed to me most as an employer. I got to start as a consultant and the rest is history.

In which domain are you mainly active? What does this mean?

I'm mainly involved with Fullstack Java Development of VendaTouch (cash register system for clothing retailers). The cash register system consists of several parts: the web front-end is made in OpenUI5, the cash register front-end in JavaFX, the back-end in Java and the database is MySQL. The cash register system can be summarized as:

  • Analysis of new functionalities

  • Implementation of the new functionalities

  • Integrations with hardware (label printers, ticket printers, line displays, barcode scanners, payment terminals,)

  • Integrations with other software (e-commerce platforms, accounting systems, …)

  • Bug fixes

  • Customer contacts

  • Support

What is your specialty?

I am mainly specialized in Java development, which means writing program code in Java.

At which clients have you already done projects for CANGURU?

  • VendaTouch (several clients)

  • Brinks (hardware- and networksupport)

  • Some smaller Salesforce implementations

How did your first project go?

My first project at CANGURU was VendaTouch (the cash register system), this was already in development before I started working here. VendaTouch is a large and complex project. The first months I had to find my way, but thanks to the help of my colleagues, this went very smoothly.

What kind of projects do you prefer?

My favourite projects are programming projects, because this is where I can use my creative coding skills to solve complex problems.

Why should a customer choose CANGURU?

CANGURU is a frontrunner in building bridges between business and technology. Due to regular training, our consultants (we call them jumpers) are always up to date with the ever-changing technologies. CANGURU carry out very extensive analyses to create a solution for the customer and because of this the customer does not get the system he wants, but the system he needs. Customer needs are priority number 1.

Why do you like working for CANGURU?

For CANGURU it is important that the people who work for CANGURU are assigned projects where they can learn and where their skillset is optimally used. The well-being of the employees is a top priority.


Also interested in becoming a fellow jumper? Take a quick look at our job page!

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