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Implementing C4C at BIA #SAPHappyCustomer

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Who is BIA?


BIA Group is active in sales and service of equipment intended for public works, mines, quarries, and transport. For more than a century BIA has developed passion and knowledge in the industry by continuously meeting the goals of customers and conquering new markets. BIA Group operates in Europe (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) and in more than 20 African countries. BIA employs more than 1.300 people, including more than 850 engineers and technicians.

What product was deployed?

As a SAP partner CANGURU deployed a C4C environment to assist the end-to-end sales process. As a reseller for Heavy Mining Equipment on mining sites and quarries BIA needed to have a better oversight on their sales process. The set-up initially focused on the European market and in a later phase BIA performed a roll out of C4C to their global market. 

The added value of C4C can be summarized as followed: 

Added valua C4C

This allows the BIA sales team to accurately follow up on their opportunities and customers. Having a 360° view, accelerated with an integration to the back-end SAP ECC system, provides BIA with a more comprehensive insight.

Setting up C4C?

Although the overall technical setup was not very complex, the transformation of the master data was a hurdle. As their main customer locations are mining sites, a street name, number and postcode were missing. Customer’s addresses actually consist of a description, e.g. at the third big rock to your right …. By concatenating these descriptions into address fields, they are able to fill in the necessary customer master data.

Convincing the sales engineers of the added benefit of using C4C, is always a challenge. But with BIA’s Key users and management being very enthusiastic, the sales followed suit quickly.

Running mode…

Today, BIA is still using C4C successfully and they were able to enhance their sales process and provide important customer insights. By using a combination of access rights and dashboards, the right person sees the right information at the right time.

CANGURU is regularly asked to make small enhancements to further improve their system. We know that BIA is very happy they made the step to move to a comprehensive and complete CRM system, SAP Cloud for Customer.


Want to know more how we can improve your sales and enhance SAP’s C4C to your processes?

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