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How to know if SAP CPQ is the ideal solution for your business challenge?

When we talk to prospective customers who are considering the implemention of SAP CPQ, in some cases doubts arise about whether SAP CPQ really offers an answer to their specific challenge. In these cases, consideration can be given to having a POC (Proof Of Concept) made by the CPQ experts at CANGURU.

Proof of Concept CPQ
What is a POC?

In a Proof Of Concept, a concept or a functionality of the total solution is established in the CANGURU demo environment. A POC is not the same as a standard demo: whereas a demo demonstrates a general process from A to Z (with standard functionalities, generic data and a general workflow), a POC will prove the feasibility of one specific concept, as requested by the prospect.

To POC or not to POC?

A POC is only built when you as a customer, having seen the demo and after a thorough consultation with our experts, are not yet 100% convinced that SAP CPQ can provide an answer to a specific challenge. To remove this doubt, we conceptually elaborate that one functionality in our demo environment. We limit ourselves to demonstrating that one concept. After all, it is not yet the intention to realize the entire project.

Nevertheless, our team of experts invest considerable time and effort in building a POC, so a cost price for the POC is agreed with your organization. In general, we only create a POC when it is important enough for the prospect to spend a budget on it. If this is not the case, the usefulness of a POC is best questioned. The fee for this POC can safely be seen as an investment in the future, because in most cases the functionality is reused later in the realization phase of the project and the POC budget is recovered.

A good start is half the battle

Finally, as a future SAP CPQ user, you can think about the following questions. The quality of the answers to these questions will directly contribute to the quality of the POC and, ultimately, your project.

  • What would be the greatest added value for your company if it could use CPQ software? In other words: where is a lot of time currently lost, where do mistakes arise or what is the complexity of your quotation/sales process?

  • Clearly map the as-is sales and quoting process. Sketch a workflow diagram if necessary.

  • How likely will this process change in the future? What role can the implementation of SAP CPQ play in this?

  • Which (internal) parties play a role in this? Describe their steps and what information they have access to?

  • What other systems will SAP CPQ integrate with now or in the future? (CRM, ERP,…)

Mogelijkheden reikwijdte integratie POC CPQ

The extent of what can be achieved with SAP CPQ is very large. Especially when you combine the ample possibilities of SAP CPQ with the expertise and ingenuity of our CANGURU consultants.

However, it is still important to understand where the power of SAP CPQ is most effective. After all, it remains a Configure-Price-Quote solution and should not be confused with a CRM system, which is why there is also an integration with SAP Sales Cloud. While configuring and generating a correctly priced quotation is only a small part of the sales process, its importance can not be underestimated.

So don't hesitate to contact our business experts to see what added value SAP CPQ and CANGURU can bring to your company!


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