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Funguru, what is it?

Let’s talk about fun @ work

At Canguru, we believe that our team is our greatest asset. Without our people, we wouldn’t stand where we stand today. We want our jumpers to be happy and feel fulfilled in their jobs, but also outside of it! Only then we can deliver above expectations… Happy Jumper, happy partner (this is what we call our clients, since we want to write success stories together 😊)!

With the Funguru Team, our goal is to connect our Jumpers, both in and outside the workplace. Hence, the reason we organize different kinds of FUN events, in order to bring our talented people together and (re)build strong connections and relationships.

This is how we do it

Once in a while we arrange a moment to really listen to our Jumpers. This is mainly done to check where the interests in fun activities lie and what the views are on their frequency and quantity. Afterwards, we collect their input and feedback and try to plan some possible upcoming activities during a brainstorming session.

Each member of the Funguru Team is assigned to a couple of events and is responsible for the follow-up. Every other week, we have a short stand-up meeting to check whether everything is still up and running and/or any support is needed. This sums up the core of the whole process, since the members are always eager to contribute and to offer a helping hand to those in need.

Our most famous event? Definitely The Canguru Short ski!

During this annual event, we invite our Jumpers to join us on an ‘altitude stage’ in the form of a short ski. The purpose of this, of course, is to enjoy a well-deserved weekend away with our wonderful team and to spend time together on some wonderful ski slopes. Not to mention to enjoy the lovely sun and a well-earned beer during the après-ski! Of course, there are also plenty of adventurous activities planned for our non-skiers, we can't let them sit at the bar all day 😉.

It has been two years since we organized the last Canguru Ski due to Covid-19, so we’re really looking forward to making this one a special edition! Apart from our skiing trip, we already enjoyed some axe throwing, curling, karting… Other events like fencing and a beer & chocolate tasting are already planned for the near future.

Do you want to join us on these upcoming activities? Do you have the right expertise and skills to become a Jumper and join the Canguru Team? Go check our vacancies and apply now! You won’t be disappointed (PS: make sure to immediately join the FUNGURU team in order to maximize the FUN!). 🙂


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