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Atlas Copco Vacuum C4C success story

We love sharing our success with you and we are proud to announce that we have

successfully completed the Edwards GV C4C project for Atlas Copco. This project was realized, more specifically, for the General Industry divisions of the Vacuum Technique Business Area of Atlas Copco. Their products are used in manufacturing processes such as food packaging, electronics, glass bottle and can production, paper printing, toothpaste degassing, automotive parts handling, pharmaceuticals conveying, plastic extrusion, woodworking, brick and clay manufacture... almost all general manufacturing. Utility vacuum has multiple applications across many different industries.

Edwards GV C4C Project

To support the growth ambition of the General Vacuum Divisions (Industrial, Scientific and Service) within the VTBA (Vacuum Technique Business Area), a decision was made to adopt SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) as the main Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for their sales operations covering their 3 main brands: Edwards, Leybold and Atlas Copco.

The C4C system had already been rolled out for the Leybold brand during the last couple of years and it is also currently being rolled out for the Atlas Copco brand.

The scope of this project was to adopt C4C across the General Industry divisions of the Edwards brand. The new solution has delivered additional functionalities (forecasting, hold management, …) currently widely used within the current Edwards on-premise CRM. Our Canguru experts made sure that the business had a smooth transition into the new system.

Starting in November 2020, our Canguru experts together with the Atlas Copco C4C team started on this journey. They were successful in bringing the solution up to the specifications set by the business' requirements and to go live successfully in the USA and UK, the 2 pilot sales organizations.

Edwards GV C4C Roll out

With the full framework live, the system is currently being rolled out worldwide for the Edwards Vacuum business, supported by our Canguru experts working together with the Atlas Copco C4C team. Completion is projected to be by the end of August 2022.

We are happy to have worked together with Atlas Copco in successfully completing this major undertaking and that we can continue supporting them in maximizing the full potential of their SAP Cloud for Customer Solution, as well as further optimizing their sales processes.

Our next success story?

Interested in being our next success story? Let us know!

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