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3 things you should know before choosing your Cx partner

Talking to customers and prospects, choosing an IT-implementation partner seems to be one of the hardest nuts to crack. Want to be sure you will be getting what you are looking for? Be sure to check out at least these 3 elements:

1. Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt

Needless to say, companies often stick to the partner they are familiar with, most probably due to a standing relationship based on earlier projects and implementations. However, when building a house, do you ask the carpenter to do the plumbing? Most probably not. The same goes for IT-implementations: verify the references of the partner-to-be in the Cx area. It might be more relevant for you when they have earned the T-Shirt in a similar company as yours. But... don’t underestimate the value of having seen lots of industries or markets. Cross-fertilization often brings fresh ideas and viewpoints.

2. Don’t hire an individual, go for the team

Some consultants are top-notch, and have a clear and outspoken reputation in the market. That’s a good start. Nevertheless, having a well-established team of people backing up these A-team-players often proves to be as important as having the A-team player on your project. Not all aspects of the Cx-portfolio can be in the head of one person, a team brings a lot of support in getting the right solution in place. Even if you contract only one person, make sure the team behind him/her is large enough and has very broad knowledge on the solution, so your go-to person can turn to people in his/her organization who got the T-shirt as well.

3. Did you think about change?

A Cx-project very often touches the team of people within a company that is the hardest to drag along: the sales team. Way too often, they feel like IT-systems are not helping them, and these systems are only taking away valuable time. If not, they feel controlled by their manager as they need to ensure correct and complete data input. Be sure you have them see the value of the solution, and empower them in making suggestions. Change management should be part of your project, making your user population a true fan-club.

All three elements should be considered while choosing your partner. Don’t go for a partner that doesn’t tick all three of the boxes, chances will arise that you will be disappointed on the combination of scope/budget/quality.

And now?

We can say that we are certain that we fulfill all 3 checks, that we have discussed here. Not convinced? Give us a call and let us have a friendly chat.

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