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3 reasons why a CRM tool is not just administration

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

 CRM helps you focus

These days building a relationship with your customers is not easy. Customers are high demanding and use the internet to compare products and services before making their buying decision. This means that customers have many different options when choosing a supplier for example. 

Too often, a CRM (Customer relationship management) tool is used to capture the (potential) customers names but nothing else. Whilst a good CRM tool guides you in converting prospects to actual customers. It helps you to build and maintain a relationship with your customers. We will explain three crucial aspects of why CRM is not just a lot of data but what you can do with this information.

#1 CRM helps you focus

People are not good at making decisions. We rely on mental shortcuts and biases all the time in order to save energy. A tool on the other hand does not encounter these limitations. So combining data from multiple interactions with customers, the products they are interested in and deciding which opportunities are the most relevant to pursue can be done by your CRM system. The CRM can guide you through an entire sales process supporting you in closing the deal as efficient and effective as possible. In SAP Sales Cloud for example, machine learning is applied to get more advanced insights in your sales funnel.

#2 CRM improves your customer service

How difficult is it to remember everything of every customer? Especially when time passes by and the customer suddenly comes back with a question related to a previous conversation. Fortunately, all the data is captured in your CRM. It keeps track of all your previous interactions with customers so you can offer the customer service they expect from you and your team. Even when a new colleague joins, the data is visible in a central place and everybody is on the same page. 

#3 CRM simplifies collaboration

CRM facilitates team collaboration for small and big teams. This is important if there are multiple teams involved in the customer service process but also during the sales process. Do you need help from your manager or do you want to have a second opinion on your quote? You can easily share the information with your team via the CRM tool and ask for their help

In short, still think CRM is just an additional administration that you HAVE to do? Or did we change your mind?  If you want to know more and how CANGURU can help you, feel free to contact us for more information. 

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