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Leverage AI with SAP Service Cloud

Let's go through the motions of SAP Service Cloud and experience how an agent, and ultimately your customer, benefits from the platform. Let's follow Josh as he explains how he uses the system.

The Home Screen

SAP Service Cloud Home Screen

On my home page I have all of my important information, such as the open status tickets, as well as activities that I need to be working on through the course of my day. I also see the times and importance of some of these areas that I need to work on, including how many cases I have that are in high priority or even in escalated. And all of this is fully configurable!

SAP Service Cloud Dahsboard

On one screen I have everything I need to be able to start my day.

SAP Service Cloud interaction popup

Now I have a call coming in from Julia. I see some information about it, but also how long she's been waiting in the queue.

Customer Cockpit

I accept the call and I'm brought to my customer cockpit. This is where, as an agent, I spend most of my life and everything I need to do is one or two clicks away. The design makes it easy for me to find the key information I need to deliver a superior customer experience.

SAP Service Cloud Customer Cockpit

The left hand part of the screen is my customer detail. We can see more about Julia, what her membership status is, how much she spent with us, what relationships our organization shares with Julia, and more. All these panels are configurable and can be removed, added or tweaked, depending on your business requirements.

The middle of the screen is the interaction history that we've had with Julia. In here, I see all the incoming and outbound communications with Julia across any channel, providing insight and information of everything that's gone on in a chronological order. An outgoing email, for example. If I click into this, I see the details of the information that I sent to Julia on a previous call.

SAP Service Cloud Customer engagements timeline

I also have access to the sales order and can drill into specifics I may need, like the dispatch date or billing document. With this information, I can understand the context of her past experience to take relevant next steps.

Transcribing the conversation

The right hand part of the screen has the transcript, one of the most important parts. This takes the voice of both the agent and the customer and transcribes it in real time. Giving important information, but also what it's doing is allowing the machine learning to listen to the words going on and define a recommended action. In this example, the customer is talking about an issue, so the system suggests to create a service order as a logical next step if needed.

Let's see how this works in a real scenario. We can see from the transcript that Julia has a problem with the surfboard that she bought back in October. 1 click away. In the details, I can see the products that Julia has and I can see the key information about each of the products that she's bought from us. The important part here is the warranty end date.

SAP Service Cloud Past orders overview

I can tell Julia it's still under warranty and she can rest assured that we will fix the surfboard at no cost to her. But she does ask if there's anything I can do to help her use the surfboard this weekend. Let's check the knowledge base.

SAP Service Cloud Knowledge Base

We're given the most common articles used for this product. As I discussed these with Julia, I find she's tried all these resolutions before and none fixed the problem. It looks like I'm going to have to create an order to send her some replacement batteries.

SAP Service Cloud Quick Create Order

With two clicks, I create the populated service order. All the information, all the context transcribes into the service order automatically. All I need to do is add a description and this is a one time entry into the service order that is going to be fulfilled in the back end system.

SAP Service Cloud Order Creation Screen

As soon as I save it, I get a real time update of exactly the status of the service order. When I go back to the timeline, the new service order linked to the conversation with Julia is at the top of the list.

SAP Service Cloud interactions timeline

Next time she phones in and talks to me or anybody else, we have immediate visibility of this engagement and the outcome. Plus we can drill down into the service order to see any updates that are relevant for her.

Next engagement

As I get ready to wrap up the call, the system does an interesting thing. It works out that I'm wrapping up the call with Julia, so it pushes me a passive engagement.

SAP Service Cloud new interaction popup

A chat request from Joe Jones. It's been waiting over 40 seconds until the right time to push this to me in order for me to get ready for my next job, which is responding to this chat from Joe. I can accept and take a quick look at what's going on, then navigate back to Julia's engagement finish and wrap up the call. I did my job well, so I'm immediately rewarded. I get a virtual celebration and reward for hitting my KPI for time to resolution.

SAP Service Cloud Rewards

Boost your service to your customer

Interested in more information about SAP Service Cloud and the Agent Desktop? Or you want a demo of the system? Please give us a call! We are eager to help you.

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