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Improve customer service with IOT enabled Field Service

We have all heard of Smart Fridges and Toasters, allowing customers to communicate with their devices via their smartphone or tablet. More of a gimmick than an actual feature for some, but IOT in itself does have a lot of benefits, apart from that perfectly toasted bagel.

Most of those benefits lie in the professional service area. When connected to your installed machines (at the customer's site), the SAP Field Service Management can bring your field service to the next level. It allows for proactive and predictive maintenance, and it increases service efficiency, in turn reducing downtime at the customer.

But how would it work? We have identified 4 use cases describing how an IOT integration allows your service team to provide best-in-class service to your customers:

Automatically trigger a service call from SAP Edge Services

This use case allows service technicians to act immediately. You set up Edge streaming rules to detect any anomalies in the IOT sensor data and, when triggered, Edge automatically sends out a service call with the relevant data and context. The customer receives a notification from your FSM about the service call and a technician is planned to perform the necessary repairs.

Access relevant IOT data locally

When the service technician arrives on site, they can access the IoT sensor data stored at the customer's location. From an Edge gateway, the technician can access the data to speed up the investigative process, making the whole service task efficient and, importantly, fast.

Visualize IoT diagnostic data

Crowdsource Service Call based on Product Usage allows field service technicians to act immediately, substantially reducing administration costs and improving service quality. To set this up, the customer need to register the equipment with you to enable central collection of the IoT data. Using this data, rules are defined for each equipment type that determine the service call type (e.g. common issue or expertise required) that needs to be created. In the FSM applicaiton, the internal service technicians can access the data and start investigating without travelling to the customer

IoT-driven Machine Learning Insights

With IoT integrated into FSM and letting the machine learning do its "magic", predictions will be made for field service before an equipment failure, ensuring zero downtime. Also, IoT-driven Machine Learning Insights for Technician allows field service technicians to prepare better for visits and increase First-Time-Fix-Rate. The technician receives the IoT-driven ML (machine learning) insights on their mobile app prior to the visit.

Next steps

Don't hesitate to contact our experts, they are eager to explain to you how to setup the IoT integration with your FSM or to even set up a full working FSM. Give us a call!

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