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Empower your service team on the road with Mobile Field Service Management

What is Field Service Management? Well it's all in the name. This solution from SAP allows you and your company to boost customer satisfaction with perfectly planned service interventions.

Connected to your Service Cloud and S/4HANA, your team will never miss any opportunity to provide your customers the best service they deserve.

SAP Field Service Management Capabilities
SAP Field Service Management Capabilities

With the mobile version of this solution, your service team has the power of SAP Field Service Management (FSM) at their fingertips. Let us see the most important features and how they impact the Service team.

Start the day right

SAP FSM Homescreen
SAP FSM Homescreen

The home screen of the FSM mobile application quickly shows the planned items of the day in easy to read info cards.

This provides a comprehensive overview of the state of activities and increases the efficiency of the service engineer. When arriving at the location, the info cards can be expanded and interacted with, allowing the service engineer to focus on the task at hand.

Focus on travel, work items and smartforms

Guided Workflows

Do you get complaints from your service team that they need to carry dozens of documents, guides and other information to each field intervention? With the guided workflow, it will be something of the past.

SAP FSM Guided Workflow
SAP FSM Guided Workflow

With the workflow, you can setup the steps your service engineer needs to take to ensure all necessary tasks are performed and important information is captured. From Check-in, gathering the information of the customer and machine, to allowing the customer to sign-off on the performed work. All from the mobile device of the service engineer.

This allows you to provide context to the engineer during the field service execution and allowing them to focus on the relevant information only.


SAP FSM Smartforms example

Give your service team the latest tech to empower their work:

  • Follow instructions, watch videos and capture data

  • Scan bar codes for fast serial ID entry

  • Capture pictures and videos on site

  • Input the correct data at the correct time

  • Validate number input and display automated calculations

  • Capture customer signatures

  • Automatically display relevant information from linked items (account/contact information, recent orders, other installed equipment...)

Work items

Make sure the right tools are reserved for the right job. With the work items, you have an easy overview of the tools reserved for any job/activity planned or released in the system. Also the solution will block the release of an activity if the tools necessary to perform the activity are not available, mitigating the risk of double booking tools.

SAP FSM Tool reservation
SAP FSM Tool reservation

What about offline?

We know that, even in this ever-connected world, service engineers still travel to places where mobile- or Wi-Fi reception is scarce or even absent. To ensure your team has the right information and tools, FSM has an offline functionality, allowing your service team to continue their work and capture all the necessary data, synchronizing when the data reception returns.

All this happening in the background.

SAP FSM Offline

What next?

That is up to you. If you want to know more about SAP Field Service Management and how it will elevate the service you can offer your customers, give us a call! We are eager to help you or provide more details, no strings attached.

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