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Customer Successtory Drylock

Drylock Technologies

About Drylock Technologies

Drylock Technologies is a leading manufacturer of hygienic products. Their headquarters are located in Zele (Belgium) but their customer portfolio includes retailers and healthcare specialists in Europe, Russia, the United States and Latin America.

Project Manager Steven Wijnants

‘For us, this will always be a memorable project, since it took place during the global pandemic. Almost everything happened remotely. Moreover, we were able to successfully deliver this project well within budget over a period of 7 months. A masterpiece and we did it!

This will always be a memorable project

The project

Hygiene market is evolving rapidly due to new product developments and sustainability initiatives from both business and government.

Given these market conditions, we were looking for a new application which could help us to capture these trends into our commercial process.

Drylock’s mission is to offer our customers the best product at competitive prices and providing them with an excellent service, not only operationally but also commercially.

This continuous search led us to SAP CPQ technology.

Drylock: "We selected Canguru as our implementation partner because they gave us the opportunity to gradually get acquainted with functionalities and capabilities of the system.

After an in-depth analysis of our business requirements, Canguru was able to match this with technical design. As our world gets more complex every day, we expect more detailed input at the beginning of the commercial process to guarantee a successful execution afterwards.

Thanks to CPQ this is not perceived as an administrative burden. On the contrary, our users find new way of working even more user-friendly."

Canguru was a perfect match for our company as we both have a ‘hands-on’ mentality.

Drylock: "For us, one of the key advantages of CPQ is possible integrations with our ERP system. In this perspective, master data used in front end is aligned with the back end.

Hence, we’re working towards 1 single source of truth. The application also gives us more opportunities in terms of transparency and reporting. All tender data is combined in 1 big data cube on which we can run several analyses.

Other, more operational, departments know which tenders are pending and can take appropriate actions in advance.

CPQ is a one-stop application which means we can run the entire commercial process over there. Consolidation of all info in 1 tool allows us to work more efficient and consequently faster.

Decreased time to quote will also be appreciated by our customers, as nobody likes to wait.

Canguru was a perfect match for our company as we both have a ‘hands-on’ mentality. Our project team was rather small, but each did his/her outmost to turn this project into a success story.

We’re already looking forward to next developments in cooperation with Canguru."

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