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Back in the saddle!

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Malaika Feys

As a young and innovative IT company, we believe in a healthy mind and body, even more so in the current times we live in. With the country carefully starting up again, the cycling world was very eager to race again. In Dikkebus, the first competition post-corona was organized, and we have had the pleasure to see our young cyclists from CQA Cycling team performing extraordinarily. Even though it was a practice race, the CQA cyclists showed their fighting spirit and made sure they were noticed. We are very proud of Malaika Feys especially, because she won the first race. Congrats Malaika with this deserved victory!

Photo: Brecht Van Maele (De Standaard)

Since it was the first cycling race after the national lockdown, there was a high interest of the public and press who could witness the amazing cycling shirts and the even more impressing racing skills.

  • If you want to read the article @de standaard (Dutch), click here

  • News coverage: click here and you will see our team at minute 31

  • The results of the Dikkebus 2020 race can be found here

Keep up the good work guys and girls! We are very proud!

Photo: Brecht Van Maele (De Standaard)

Interested in what we do next to sponsoring and supporting our team? Find out more on our website or even better, contact us!


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