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CQA on a roll in August!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

The young cyclists of CANGURU-QTS-Air College Cycling Team keep up the good work. In August they added 4 medals to their honors list!

Credits: Martine Verfaille

Viggo Van Neste did great in Heestert the 8th of August and became 1st. He also made the papers! You can read the article here.

Credits: Martine Verfaillie

Sente Sentjes also did great and brought home another gold medal. He became 1st in Sart Dames Avelines the 16th of August.

Credits: Martine Verfaillie

Viktor Vaneeckhoutte went home with a 2nd place in the Omnium Piste race at Rumbeke.

Credits: Facebook

Dylan Vandenstorme also did well this month and became 3rd in the general promises race in Villers Brulin.

Credits: Facebook

Credits: Martine Verfaillie


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