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A custom UI5 APP for Fountain #SAPHappyCustomer

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Who is Fountain?

For over 45 years Fountain provides custom solutions for the perfect pitstop during a short break from work. A large selection of machines (ranging from coffee machines using capsules, fully automatic machines, soda machines, drinking fountains, etc.) and products (coffee, tea, snacks,…) allows their customers to make the right choice for its employees.


Fountain and SAP

Fountain installs machines of various sizes and configurations at the customers locations. The Fountain field service team provides top of the line assistance to its customers. This implies the need of close follow up and comprehensive planning of the team resources.  

CANGURU developed a mobile UI5 app for the service technicians. This app allows them to retrieve their planning,  fill out the service task they performed, and have the customer sign-off on the work delivered. The app, in turn, is integrated with the SAP ECC system, thus having the latest up-to-date data on their customer service. The service team enriches the customer information on the go and that is paramount for an excellent customer service.

Happy customer

Fountain was very excited to start using the developed app. It enhanced the, already deployed, SAP ECC system. Fountain’s service technicians are now able to log their service work, immediately have it signed off by the customer and closing the service loop fast and efficiently. In turn Fountain can boost their customer service to new heights.


Interested in how CANGURU and SAP can boost your customer service?

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