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We had an imposter among us!

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

We all know that the current COVID Crisis is posing problems on a social level. But with all the current technology that surrounds us, we have the capabilities to reduce the social absence a bit. With our physical fun activities on hold, for the time being, we decided to organize a digital fun activity, using teams.

As our Jumpers (employees/consultants) come into contact with multiple social structures, we decided to test their collaboration and social skills in the game ‘Among Us’. The game gained a lot of popularity during the last months, with everybody across the world in some sort of quarantine.

To give a short summary of what the game is, for those unfamiliar with it, a team of crewmates (on a space ship) have a set of tasks they need to complete in order to win. But (there is always a but), there is an imposter. A crewmate who tries to ‘remove’ other crewmates from the game or sabotage the ship. Each time the remains of a crewmate is found, a meeting can be called and, after some heated discussion, the crewmates can vote to remove a person.

among us

Our consultants have their task, the imposter has his/hers, and the game is started. Multiple ‘removals’ later either the remaining crew successfully unmask the imposter, the imposter succeeds in reducing the crew to zero, or the ship was sabotaged.

After some good fun, with satisfied jumpers as a result, the game was concluded/came to an end. We all got to know a ‘dark’ side of each other and our discussion and bartering skills were put to the test. Who knows, it may help us in the future.

Want to become part of these activities and do you have the right expertise and skills check our vacancies and apply now! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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