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Jumper in the Spotlight- Inez

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Inez Andries jumper in the spotlight

This month we want to turn the spotlight on Inez. She has been a jumper (yes, this is how we call ourselves 😄) since 2019. Inez is active on the VendaTouch project, mainly Java & Javascript development. Besides that, she also helps with different SAP projects (Variant Configurator, C4C, CPQ).

Hi Inez! Tell us briefly about your studies, what did you study and where?

This is where it all begins. My love for the ancient Middle East first led me to study History. Unfortunately, however efficient the Hittites and the Phoenicians were, they are not practical today. On to a course in Business Management then!

And then, after a few years of work experience in the cultural sector, I decided to make the switch to the IT world by means of a VDAB training course.

How would you describe yourself?

A person who is very interested in every possible subject, and therefore can sometimes jump from one subject to another. I love to travel, but I am more someone who wants to stay longer in one place to soak up the atmosphere, rather than going somewhere else every day. I also see myself as flexible and caring, with a big heart for animals.

How did you end up at CANGURU?

CANGURU was introduced at the job fair of the VDAB. They made a good impression with the thorough explanation of what CANGURU stands for, and what it wants to offer its employees in the long term. The focus was not, as with many other consultancy companies, on one project that you would be suitable for. The focus was on how would you fit in at CANGURU, rather than how can we get you to work on a project with one of our clients straight away.

programming code

Explain your speciality? What should we imagine?

At the moment, I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Java, Javascript, Variant configurator and C4C. The most important thing for me is to combine the functional and technical side to come to a complete picture. Something must be practical for the end-user, but behind the scenes it must also be good and well-organised.

What are your skills as a consultant? What are you really good at?

I think I am mainly good at problem solving. I like to find a loophole that I can use. I am also reasonably stress-resistant, and I always hope for the best instead of assuming the worst-case scenario.


At which clients have you already done projects for CANGURU?

Internally, I worked on the VendaTouch application, which is used in various clothing shops. I have also done SAP projects for Microterm (Etex group) and Vandemoortele.

How did your first project go?

My first project was within CANGURU itself, the development of VendaTouch. Here I was very well supported by the people of the Factory. My first SAP project was at Microtherm.

What kind of projects do you like most these days? What makes you really happy?

In times of COVID-19 it is always a plus to be able to work closely with colleagues. The good support of CANGURU on projects makes for a more pleasant working environment anyway. Besides that, I really enjoy bringing projects to completion and giving people a nice and practical solution.

If you had to give an insider tip, what would it be? Why that particular tip?

That if you want something you have to ask for it, because it is not always offered to you. Clearly define boundaries, and focus on what interests you and what you enjoy.

Why should a client choose CANGURU?

CANGURU is a small professional company with a family atmosphere that is very committed to the latest technologies and actively trains its people. It also puts a lot of effort in bringing its employees closer together, even if they are on different projects. All this with the necessary originality and sense of humour that is typical of CANGURU.

Why do you like working for CANGURU?

CANGURUhas a great eye for the human element in the consultancy world. There are many opportunities to develop yourself and you have the chance to contribute to the growth of the company.

Would you like to become a Jumper as well? Just email us at!


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