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A day in the life of a CX Consultant

As a functional CX consultant, my key focus is providing support and maintenance on the existing Cloud for Customer (C4C) functionalities and also work on continuously improving the system, processing change requests and documentation. Interacting with the business – key users as well as end users – is an important factor to achieve this. A functional consultant is never alone on an island.

What does my day look like?

Coffee and tickets

For me, a typical day at the office starts with a nice cup of coffee. I open up my standard screens on my desktop: the ticketing tool, my mailbox, MS Teams and, of course, C4C. It seems today I don’t have too many meetings, which is great. 😊

No urgent tickets or panicky mails came in, so everything is up and running! I start working on some tickets and service requests from the previous day. Some easy ones like user creations or deactivations to get the juices flowing, then onto some more advanced stuff.

One of the requests is for an adaptation on an existing report, another one for enhancing the approval flow for Sales Orders. For the latter I’ll have to adapt some custom code in SAP Applications Studio (SDK), where you can write custom logic for C4C using absl code. For this I ask my team lead for some pointers, as he’s more experienced in SDK than I am. It’s important to keep learning and advancing of course!

Lastly, there’s a ticket about my favourite subject: An authorization issue 😊. A typical ‘this user cannot see this or that’ kind of ticket. I check the authorization parameters and advise the user what the different options are to proceed.

Project work

That’s enough tickets for the day. Time to work on my own ‘revitalizing the reports’ project. At our current client, there’s already a lot of reporting made in the system. However, the reports and dashboards aren’t used by management and users regularly enough. That’s why I’m revamping the reports by, on one hand, creating documentation and, on the other hand, adapting existing and creating new reports and dashboards. Quite a task, I must say, but reporting is an important – maybe even the most important – functionality of a CRM system. Why should a user input data if nothing's being done with that data later on?

Bridging business and technology

Being a C4C consultant is not only about configuring, implementing and solving tickets. An equally important function is to be the link between C4C and the business users. Are they finding their way in the system? Are key users getting the full potential out of the system? Because what is a fancy tool without users? A tool like C4C should be in service of those who use it, not be a nuisance. This is a tough challenge sometimes.

Packing up for the day

Before closing the day, it’s time to see if all integrations are still running smoothly and solve some quick-win integration errors (a missing mapping or something like that is always nice). All right, I’m off. See you tomorrow!

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