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Jumper in the Spotlight- Tom Vande Venne

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Tom Vande Venne jumper in the spotlight

This month we want to turn the spotlight on Tom. He has been a jumper (yes, this is how we call ourselves) since 2014. Tom has become an expert in developing SAPUI5 solutions. This is an SAP JavaScript toolkit to build user-friendly, responsive, platform independent web applications. Not only does he develop SAPUI5 solutions he also builds and extends Sales Cloud.

SAP Sales Cloud

His passion for creative design and user interfaces is his drive to come up with efficient and user-friendly front-end user interfaces. His first project immediately confirmed his decision of becoming a jumper. He got the chance to build up experience within the domains he is passionate about and there has always been a team of fellow jumpers available for questions or to share knowledge with.

According to Tom you should choose CANGURU as your SAP implementation partner because there is a team of passionate people working as one, ready to take on every challenge and to go the extra mile to get you the best solution for your business.

Besides the ideal business partner, CANGURU is also a great employer says Tom: “The combination of a team that is always prepared to support you, the voice you get in the company and the room to develop yourself further in the direction you want are the main reasons why I'm happy to work for CANGURU.”

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