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Jump For Life

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Every year, during ‘De Warmste Week’, CANGURU organises a Jump for Life afterwork party. At this afterwork drink and -party, you can have a glass with colleagues and friends and enjoy delicious hamburgers while listening to the tunes of our house DJ. All the money raised through these activities is doubled by CANGURU and is given to a good cause.

Jump For Life

Debra Belgium

In 2019 the organization we chose to support was Debra Belgium, they are committed to helping people with the rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa. This condition is caused by a genetic error and results in the skin layers coming off easily, causing blisters on the skin or on the mucous membranes. Needless to say, it is very painful and no cure has been found yet. Debra brings EB patients into contact with each other, so they can exchange practical tips and find mental support. Debra strives for better and affordable care and supports the EB team at UZ Leuven financially. We chose this charity because one of our colleagues has a niece with EB. By dedicating this Jump For Life to Debra, we wanted to support the family of our colleague. The Jump For Life brought up 1600 euros that year and CANGURU doubled that amount to 3200 euros.

Back in 2018, we managed to raise a total of 4000 euros for vzw Het Veer. They are a center for children with developmental problems that takes care of children with mental and physical limitations. Each group is considered a small class, in which children of the same mental age spend time together. Physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy are alternated with educational games in order to help the children. This charity was chosen because one of the sons of our colleagues goes to this day care center and has already made tremendous progress here. With the money from our and other initiatives, Het Veer replaced their outdated playground with a beautiful pirate boat!

Piratenboot speeltuin

This year we had to do it a bit different. Because of COVID-19, an after work party is out of the question, but we chose to help by putting together Christmas packages for Prinses Harte. A non-profit organization that aims to bring comfort and light to the lives of hospitalized children. You can buy a package on their website:

Jump For Life Prinses Harte Christmas packages

Finally, a fun fact: Why is this event called “Jump for Life” you may ask?

Well, firstly because we are doing this promotion as part of Studio Brussel’s De Warmste Week, also called “Music for Life”. Secondly, because the people who work at CANGURU are referred to as “Jumpers” because of their sunny nature and their desire to jump into new adventures with our clients! 😉

De warmste week

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