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Data Scientist @ Work - Bart

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

What does a Data Scientist do?

Data Scientists focus on the collection, modelling and interpreting of data. This helps organizations reach better conclusions and make better decisions as a result of this data.

Bart Verbeeren Data Scientist

During his Civil Engineering studies, advanced mathematics and programming, sparked Bart’s interest in data science. Later, he added more business knowledge to his technical skills thanks to a postgraduate study in Business Administration at the KU Leuven. By designing innovative business models and various R&D projects, Bart was able to fully put his theoretical knowledge into practice.

After some more specialized trainings and projects focused on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and after winning an award for his algorithm for a crowdsourcing challenge via Innocentive, Bart decided to turn his passion into his profession, taking up the role of Data Scientist at CANGURU.

On top of the data science domain, Bart offers the necessary support in the elaboration of the entire 'data journey', from defining the use case to deployment.

Over the years Bart has built up a lot of experience within the 3 major data science domains Predictive Analytics, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The projects he worked on so far are:

  • Niko (predictive analytics): optimization of the Niko Home Control domotics system towards energy savings and ease of use, based on IoT sensor data. Read about it here. Read about it here.

  • Van Marcke (predictive analytics): development of a prototype to make customer segmentation more intuitive and neutral. Read about it here.

  • Captive Finance Company (predictive analytics):

    • Forecasting the probability that a customer become delinquent in arrears within 3-6 months.

    • Extraction and post-processing of data from complex credit reports in PDF format.

    • Increasing the auto-approval rate of an automated credit decision system. Read about it here.

  • Agency for Roads & Traffic (computer vision): development of an automated incident detection system with alarm function in tunnels based on camera images. Read about it here.

With all this knowledge and experience in his backpack, Bart is ready to explore more data science projects. Why not yours? Let's talk!

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