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Data Science Use Case: Flemish Highways Agency

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

What is Data Science?

Data Science focuses on the collection, modelling and interpretation of business data. This helps organisations draw better conclusions and make better decisions using this data.

Highway tunnel

CANGURU developed an artificial intelligent system for the automatic detection of incidents in tunnels (accidents, wrong-way drivers, pedestrians, fire, etc.) for the Flemish Highways Agency (AWV) via existing camera footage. When an incident is detected, the system triggers an alarm, after which the operator can monitor the incident in the tunnel concerned.

The automated incident detection system, ensures the rapid detection of different types of incidents, independent of any human intervention. This automatic detection increases safety in the tunnels and reduces the stress and workload on the operators. Secondary accidents are avoided, as other road users are warned in time.

To be able to process the amount of big data quickly, this project was set up on a GPU enabled cloudserver.

(*) The Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) is an internally independent agency of the Flemish government with the task of managing and maintaining the road network in the Flemish Region. It comes under the authority of the Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works. The project was developed via a Proof of Concept.

CANGURU is a young and innovative consultancy company based in Mechelen. The data science team helps companies draw better conclusions and make better decisions as a result of "smart data". We implement the right tools to collect and bundle qualitative data. We then shed light on this information to help the company make the right decisions.

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