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Are you ready to step out of the box at CANGURU?

As a SAP partner, CANGURU is always looking for new potential jumpers (employees working at CANGURU) who want to make a difference during project implementations at both large and small customers. But we are not alone. How do we ensure that we are not just one of the many, but that we really do things differently?

Employees looking at a laptop
Sociocracy in action

We have been organizing ourselves on the basis of sociocracy for 3 years now. This is an internal organization model based on equality between individuals. In concrete terms, this means that CANGURU is a place where anyone and everyone can themselves have an impact on the company . Not just buzz words that you come across everywhere, on the contrary! Read on to find out how we do this.

Enrichment and better performance

Within CANGURU, we use a series of tools that Sociocracy 3.0 provides. We are a self-managing organization that works on the basis of different circles. Each of these circles is delegated some responsibility where they can make autonomous decisions. Each of these circles is being shaped by our jumpers. By working with circles and roles, we give our jumpers the opportunity to take on a broader range of tasks than just working for the customer. This is experienced by most as an enrichment in their daily consulting activities. Good agreements about time allocation and who takes on what responsibility are, of course, crucial here. Often this experience allows a jumper to perform better on a project. Just think of a jumper who regularly supports internal sales effectively and also implements Sales Cloud at the customer. He or she not only gives advice based on best practices, but can supplement this with his or her own experiences. Participation in a circle does not have to be permanent. Some consultants take up a temporary mandate in a specific task force such as Mobility 2030, while others take up a slightly longer mandate in a specific circle such as the Marketing circle, where they take care of the content and branding.

Co-creation and involvement

Employees co-creating
Co-creation by employees

We work on the basis of co-creation, another nice tool from the Sociocracy 3.0 toolbox. This means that jumpers (employees) are involved in formulating proposals and making decisions using consent decision-making. In this way we want to ensure that jumpers feel involved in the organization and also have a say in how different processes, circles and interactions can be set up. In addition, this provides the jumpers with tools and experience to utilise these forms of interaction at customers.

Are you looking for a place where you can have an impact on the company, where your vision helps shape the organisation and where you feel more involved because you help decide how the different departments can/should work? A company where the employees can take charge and say, "CANGURU is ours"? Discover quickly which projects, but also circle(s) you can contribute to by sending your CV to!

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