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A successful C4C global roll out at Atlas Copco #SAPHappyCustomer

Who is Atlas Copco?

Atlas Copco is a global and industrial company with a highly innovative spirit, founded in 1873. Atlas Copco is selling to a wide range of industries in more than 180 countries and is manufacturing about 100 production sites in more than 20 countries, including Belgium. Atlas Copco companies develop, manufacture, service, and rent energy efficient air compressors, connected and automated assembly solutions, leading vacuum solutions and innovative power equipment solutions.

Boost sales with C4C

The sales organizations of Atlas Copco were in need for a tool that would boost their sales and marketing performance. The C4C program was set up to rapidly roll out SAP Cloud For Customer across the world to answer the business needs and offer support in managing their customer sales of equipment and service as well as their marketing activities.

As one of Atlas Copco’s partners, CANGURU helped in setting up a global template, implementing it worldwide and giving continuous support to the salesforce of Atlas Copco. The C4C program rollout has been a big success within Atlas Copco reaching a very good buy-in and adoption in the sales organizations.

Global improvements

The C4C program strives for continuous improvement. This means, even though the template is rolled out, the different teams are still working on improving the template, offering support and implementing new functionalities.

Together with SAP, Atlas Copco and other partners, CANGURU is making the bridge between the business stakeholders and the technical possibilities of C4C. Flexibility and creativity are key, due to the C4C integration landscape and the complexity of the Atlas Copco business context.

Even though the project is continuously evolving and still in progress, the most important bulk of the project, the global C4C rollout phase, is done. There are still a lot of projects in the pipeline and being realized as we speak. Of course, the team keeps providing support for the completed projects and live countries.


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