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SAP Field Service Management

Build strong customer relationships with SAP Field Service Management

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Resolve customer issues faster

  • Accelerate service execution with AI -supported scheduling and dispatching

  • Empower your technicians with mobile tools and access to information, both on - and offline

  • Provide proactive and predictive maintenance with IoT

  • Expand service teams with crowd service

Increase productivity of your service teams

  • Increase technician utilization rate with optimized scheduling and intelligent route planning

  • Reduce manual and paper work with automated processes and mobile tools

  • Fuel productivity with training tools and knowledge bases

  • Manage your field service performance and monitor the KPI’s with the real time analytics and reporting

Cut field service costs and increase revenue

  • Optimize the use of resources, minimize unproductive time and eliminate repeat visits with field service automation

  • Reduce time to repair and reduce downtime with efficient end-to-end processes

  • Foster up- and cross selling with mobile tools and access to information

  • Reduce time from service call to invoice with an integrated solution

Customer Self Service – Help customers to help themselves

Planning & Dispatching – Improve productivity and optimize the usage or resources

Mobile Field Service Management App – Speed up issue resolution and enable smooth information flow

Smartforms - Boost service performance and quality

SAP Field Service Management analytics & reporting – Manage and optimize field service operations based on real-time data

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