How to sell your products & services with SAP e-commerce solutions

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Time & Location

11 Mar, 13:00 – 14:00

About the Event

While you might have your SAP solutions still deployed on-premises, the majority of the market is shifting towards cloud quickly, turning on-premise into a paradigm of the past. The digital reality and foreseeable future of Commerce and Customer Experience are definitely located in the cloud, with more flexibility, efficiency and opportunities for your business. The leading vendors are pulling the plug on costly on premise license models, turning their focus and product innovations towards cloud based alternatives. At a certain point in time, you will have to make the switch as well. No, you will WANT to make the switch. During this concise webinar, Digitalum and Canguru zoom in on what it means to move your SAP Commerce & CX solutions to the cloud. Starting with why and the major benefits, we'll look at the most important steps in the process of transitioning data, applications and technologies from a local infrastructure to a remotely managed platform. What are the benefits of a SAP cloud migration, and how does one plan the process appropriately so as to reduce possible risks? What are the different options? And what are the differences and key focus points you need to take into account when running your solution in the cloud versus on premises?

Registration is Closed