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Jump-start your business with our IT experts, Cx and SAP Consultants

Boost your business systems and improve your efficiency and customer experience. Contact us to discover how we can help you in getting more return on your investments.


Don't allow your business to fall behind

Your Organization... losing valuable resources and time because of outdated systems and inefficient processes

Your Employees...

...are missing valuable insights, cannot follow up on your customers, and are often stuck due to an inefficient system

Your Customers...

...cannot find their way to your products and services, and are not loyal to your brand due to inconsistent marketing messages

Jump-start your business and customer experience

Update, enhance or implement a customized SAP solution to boost your business

More Insight

Your employees have detailed insights about the company's performance and can react to an ever-changing environment

More Automation

Free up time and resources by automating your systems and processes using machine learning tools, available out-of-the-box in almost all SAP solutions

More Interaction

Your customers get the personalized customer experience they deserve and feel right at home with your business and brand

The                             game plan

Talk to US

We want to hear your needs, wants  and concerns

Find your solution

Together we find the optimal solution to match your business processes

Implement the solution

The CANGURU way of working ensures the right solution is built together with your business and IT

Our Solutions

Boost your business

Jump-start your organization into top gear

Become our partner


By becoming our partner, your business and organization will have an efficient SAP system that is customized to its needs. This will improve the inner workings and provide insight, that in turn, will boost your business.

Finding the ideal SAP solution or enhancement is not always easy and simple.

Our years of experience and knowledge will guide you towards the perfect fit for your company. Even if your process is highly customized, we will find the solution and development that works for you.


We have a proven track record of successful projects at numerous companies varying in size and active in different sectors.

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Boosting your customer experience

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Driving digital transformation with our technology

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Improving your business with data-driven decisions

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Transforming your digital processes with S/4HANA

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