Great service is service which is delivered consistently through the network of relationships which starts right at the very beginning and all the way to the end. As SAP CRM leader in Belgium, Canguru Solutions has extensive experience – functional & technical – to help you implement world-class relationship management from initial lead identification to managing customer satisfaction.Learn More
Since its conception, Canguru Solutions has invested heavily in different solution areas in mobile development, which has allowed us to build a complete offering that can answer any need organizations are faced with when developing or increasing their mobile capability. We can assist your organization from defining a mobile roadmap over developing custom apps to implementing one of our of-the-shelf products.Learn More
Canguru Solutions has functional and technical skills to help you move from traditional (yearly) budgeting cycles to a more proactive and comprehensive rolling forecast process that includes all relevant – internal & external – data available.Learn More
Our Technology Services team can assist you in defining an optimal Technical Architecture to reduce your IT costs and improve responsiveness (performance). Technology optimization services focus on increasing the performance of applications. And we also develop new applications or enhance existing systems in your landscape.Learn More